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Highbridge Reuion 2015

Saturday, September 19 at 1:00- 5 pm rain or shine

Kennelly's Grill House
962 S Rt 9W
Congers, N
Y 10920

$60 per person: hamburgers, hot dogs, steak, salad, water, beer, wine, music
Please send Checks to Danny Sirr- 6 Waldron Dr, Stony Point, NY 10980
Any question please contact Danny 845-429-0561 or Gail 845-548-0628

In addition, Dennis Ryan, SHS class of 1965, would like to have a 50th Anniversary class reunion. You can contacthim at: Dennis.Ryan@morganstanley.com  or at: 
800-704-0939 toll free; 845-731-2901 direc; 845-731-2550 fax



                                                                                                                                                             by Pat Fogarty


No matter who you are or where and when you were born; I am sure that most of us have some great stories and memories about the “Old Neighborhood”.
       I was born in “The Bronx” and raised in a place called Highbridge. I would like to share some thoughts, memories and general nostalgia with you.
       We have all heard of the comedy line, “You might be a Redneck if ”……., I would like to format a few lines on; “You might be from Highbridge if”……………..


  1. You played and knew the rules of “King-Queen”.
  2. You knew that the difference between “The 49” and “The 37” were more than just the number 12 and they both got you to Yankee Stadium.
  3. You knew how to play, “Ring-a-lee-vee-o” or “Ring-a-lare-ree-o”
  4. You knew where “Brown’s Hill” was and what was built there in the early 1950’s
  5. You knew the difference and locations of Noonan Towers and Noonan Plaza.
  6. You remember the roar of the crowd from the Polo Grounds echoing across the Harlem River to our neighborhood .
  7. You knew where to buy the best “Knish” and you put ketchup or mustard on it.
  8. You knew the best sidewalk to play ‘Box-Ball” on.
  9. You knew the value of a “Spaldeen” and you knew how to retrieve one from a sewer.
  10. You knew that “Sister Serena” aka (H.O. Purina) was not always serene so you stayed out of her way.
  11. You knew the best place to get a hero and which counter person made the best one.
  12. You knew what was playing at “The Odgen and The Crest”
  13. You knew which Deli had the best fish cakes on Fridays.
  14. You knew the difference between “Off the Point” and “Off the Stoop”
  15. You knew what and where the “Green Dot” was.
  16. You knew the name of the candy store across from “The Green Dot”- the one that sold the crushed ice cones with your choice of syrup.
  17. You built “Forts in the Lot”
  18. You could draw a “Scully” board on asphalt with white chalk.
  19. You played or knew the meaning of “Double-Dutch”
  20. You knew by age 9 that, you could not let any of your friends see you at the Jerome Park wading pool.
  21. You knew what the “Bungalow Bar” truck sold.
  22. You remember the “Duggan Bread Man”
  23. You remember the “Horse Drawn Vegetable Wagon”
  24. You remember “The Ice Man”
  25. You remember “The Bleach Man”.
  26. You remember the guy who climbed the poles to changed cloth-lines in the alleyway between two tenements.
  27. You remember the guy who sharpen knives, scissors and also fixed umbrellas.
  28. You remember “The Singing Troubadours” who would sing a song in the alleyways and  hope that some coins would be tossed out to them.
  29. You remember “The Rag Man”
  30. You knew that while playing Stick-ball”, a shot past the second man-hole cover was a great shot.
  31. You knew that “Hot Beans and Butter” had nothing to do with eating.
  32. You knew that Carter’s candy store had more cats than candy.
  33. You knew that if you went to Farber’s candy store, Mr. Farber made a much better Malt than Mrs. Farber.
  34. You knew that a dozen police cars outside of Emilia’s on 162nd and Odgen, meant that  the cops were bringing back lunch to nearly every police station in the Bronx. police car
  35. You knew how to get into the “Shuttle” tunnel.
  36. You knew who had a dog named “Rex”
  37. You knew that “Sol’s” on 168th, had the best French Frys in the small brown paper bag.
  38. You knew that hanging out down at the “Green” had nothing to do with golf.
  39. You knew that you were a considered “chicken” if you did not swim in the Harlem river and you were dead if your parents found out you did.
  40. You remember the CYO dances at the gym.
  41. You remember RFK campaigning in our neighborhood.
  42. You knew that Feeley’s, Mannions (Later Longfords Arms), Healy and Hogan’s, The Odgen Café, Farell and Riedy’s, and McCann’s were not Ice Cream parlors.
  43. You knew who worked in the Pizza shop across from The Synagogue on 167th and Nelson avenue.
  44. You knew that “The City Steps” did not take you to “The City”
  45. You knew a Coal chute door was a good strike zone for a pitching stick-ball game.
  46. You knew that every “old Lady” looking out her window, knew who “You” were and “You” knew she had to have your parents phone number.
  47. You knew what to do with an old pair of “Sneakers”
  48. You knew the best hill to sleigh ride on.
  49. You knew that if you yelled, “Larry” while choosing for a game, it meant that you got to go or pick “last”.
  50. You knew that “Egg Creams” had no eggs in them.
  51. You knew that “One potato, two potato” has nothing to do with counting potatoes.
  52. You knew that “Off the Wall” is a game played with a “Spaldeen” during lunch brake at school and not a term for a mentally challenged person.
  53. You knew that, “Hit the Popsicle stick” or “Hit the penny” were other street games played with a “Spaldeen”.
  54. You knew what a “Bocce Ball Court” looked like, but you never played the game.
  55. You knew that no one lived in a “Parkie House”
  56. You knew that you could get “The Knock Hockey Sticks and Puck” from the Parkie in the Parkie House.
  57. You knew what to do with an old pair of skates and a wooden milk box.
  58. You knew which building had the best fire-escape ladder to shoot a Basketball thru.
  59. You knew that the “German Deli” had better potato salad than the “Italian Deli” but the “Italian Deli” made the best sandwiches.
  60. You also knew that the “Jewish Deli” had  better pickles and better “Knishes” than the “German Deli”.
  61. You knew that the “Irish Deli” had the best Bacon and Black Puddings. They also had fresh “Goose Eggs”.
  62. You knew “Ralph’s” was more than just a place to hang out.
  63. You knew who Blum and Bladel were.
  64. You know things to add to this list.

       If you are from Highbridge then you understand. Highbridge was a great place to grow up. Looking back, we all seem to have a kinship for the community from which we sprouted. Some people claim that it takes a “Village” to raise a child. In Highbridge, that Neighborhood became “The Village” that raised us all. We learned to respect ourselves and others. As children, each and everyone of us learned to respect authority.(one way or another) None of us would think of disrespecting an adult as we were growing up.
       Our upbringing, flowers through each of us today. I am not trying to say that there were no, “Bad Apples” in the neighborhood; there were some and there are some.
       Overwhelmingly, those of us who grew up in Highbridge during the forties, fifties, sixties and early seventies have had the good fortune to lead lawful, prosperous and fulfilling lives.
     I have information that shows, a large percentage of people from Highbridge went into the law enforcement field. Many others have pursued legal careers. The numbers that became teachers are way off the scale. We have Highbridge people that have had successful careers on Wall Street. The list of success stories are a testimony to what a neighborhood can produce. We have people that became kingpins in the corporate world. A tremendous number of former residents chose civil service and went to work for The City and The state.
       Scores of people went into the nursing and medical fields. Highbridge has some top administrators in the Mental Health field. Highbridge people are also represented in the World of Finance and Banking.
       I recently had correspondence with a Highbridge acquaintance who chose the Veterinary Field for his career. Today he is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and runs an animal clinic in California.
       A number of people went to work for the U.S. Government and there are those who have unselfishly dedicated their lives to serving this great county of ours, in our Armed Forces.
       There were those who gave All there was to give; for us and America.
       I don’t know who to start thanking? Was it our parents, our teachers, our neighbors? Who or what made Highbridge……..Highbridge? Was it the era we lived in, or the fabric of “Highbridge” that knitted our neighborhood to be a quilt of ethnic diversity and an aggregate of social pride?
       Whatever it was, we are all proud to say, “I am from Highbridge”.

Pat Fogarty
Formerly 155 West 162nd Street 1950-1954
1065 University Avenue 1954- 1959
906 Summit Avenue 1959-1969
Currently POB 975
Chino Valley, Az. 86323