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Some of our class photos are of poor quality. We are missing many. If you have some, could you scan them at the highest quality and email them to us so we may all share in the memories?
Agribay, Al  SHS class of '84, NYS Correction Officer, Beacon NY, loved stickball and Italian  ices.  
  Alegria, Suzzane Living in Pennsylvania. She has two daughters and three grandchildren.
  The Brennans in 1953: Martin, Michael, and Mary Brennan, Martin
Michael Brennan, class of 1956 Brennan, Michael
Joe & Bette Burke Broderick, Thomas SHS class of '64, deceased; September 22,1950 - November 15, 2007
Burke, Joe & Bette  SHS class of '52, Former USAF Fighter Pilot, Retired  Commercial Air Lines 747 Captain, father of 3, Tampa Bay area,
  Diana Campbell Campbell, Diana (nee Dee Clark)  SHS Loving mother of 3 daughters and 3 grandsons now residing in Cape May NJ
    Cerrato, Joe deceased SHS '64
  Micheal and Kelli Clayton
Clayton, Micheal & Kelli  SHS class of 65  Retired and enjoying married life in New Windsor, NY(Kelli collects antiques)
    Coffino, Thomas Paul (3/16/51 - 9/13/70 (Army, SP4) he was a casualty on Sep 13, 1970 representing Highbridge and serving our country in Viet Nam; Panel 07W - Line 60 at the memorial in DC.
Coleman, Donald  SHS class of '65, alive and well in Tampa, Fl.

Cronly, Ed is doing well in Yonkers, New York.

Dauernheim, Don  SHS class of '63  Grew up on 171 St. and Ogden where we hung out at Clark's candy store.  Currently living in Miami, FL
Davis, Brenda (nee Thompson) SHS class of 63' , happily married working mother, resides in  Fishkill, NY
    Dietrich, Eddie
John Duffy
Duffy, John L. I graduated from SHS in 1952, Manhattan Prep in 1956 and CCNY in 1964.  I am a retired FBI agent currently living in Orchard Park, NY with my wife Betty.
  Euler, Peter Lives in New City, NY   
  Falzone, Tony deceased; Dec 10, 1949 - July 15, 2008
  Famelio, Pete SHS '63 and would like to hear from old classmates. Worked for Con Edison for 39 years as a middle management supervisor. I live in New Jersey, have 5 children and 6 grandchildren.
  Faucher, Roger  SHS class of '59, Cardinal Hayes 1963  U.S. Navy Veteran, Currently IT Specialist for Global Software development company Living in Naples, Fl.
  Ferraro, Frank SHS '64, deceased; May 28, 1950 - June 9, 2007
  Fitzgerald, Ed SHS class of '48, Happily married to Barbara I. Robinson class of '47 PS 11 since 1957. Would enjoy news of the 169th Street to Washington Bridge area.

Chris Frawley and his wife

Frawley, Chris SHS '61 Environmental Engineer enjoying life with bride Marlene in Carlisle Pa.
  Gensch, Joan Hurley  Enjoying life in Western North Carolina.
  John Goggin Goggin, John  
  Hand, Frank  SHS class of 1955  Patent Attorney, Happily married 4 children, Maplewood , NJ
Adele Heneghan

Heneghan (nee) Bianchini, Adele Paul and I are retired & living near Downingtown, Pa.

Paul Heneghan
Heneghan, Paul Adele and I are graduates SHS '52 & married in SH Nov 14,1959. I went to Cardinal Hayes &  Adele St Catherine's Academy, both class of 56.
  Joyce, Festus Alive and doing well
  Keane,Timothy (AKA Ted) SHS '61 Residing Pelham, NY with lovely bride, Barbara (nee Corless)
  Keeley, Jim SHS '64 I have been living in the Washington DC area for over 35 years, retired in '09 as an Engineering Program Manager from a federal agency.  I am married 30 years to a Georgia peach.
  Kelly, Tom SHS Class of '60 " Now stuck in southwest Oklahoma"
  Kucera, Bill I reside in California and work for a Major Wall Street Firm. I miss all my friends from Highbridge.

Kumer, Thomas SHS class of '64 Married and living in New City, NY.

Kumer, Karen alive and well in Monroe, New York

  Kenny, Daniel (Simba) No info
Langtry, Tom SHS class of '63 He does tax preparations.
Paul Lebron
Lebron, Paul I'm a Fire Instructor for the New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control. Contact information:
Phil LoGuidice
LoGuidice, Phil  SHS '62  living in Westchester county

Ralph Lopez Lopez, Ralph  SHS  '63 enjoying retirement with wonderful wife in Ocala, Fl.
  McGuire, Dan SHS class of  '64
  McNamee,  Kathleen (Cookie)  SHS '63 Loving mother of two ladies and living in The Bronx.
Michetti, Francis P.  SHS '68 Retired NYC Sanitation Dept, residing in Dutchess County, NY
Morris, Jim -SHS '65 Life partner w/Jeff Stone, Chaplain to Dignity/NY, co-author to "Growing Up Catholic"

Nelan, Eugene SHS '64 Residing  Rockland County NY, working in "The Bronx", loving father of 4 ladies
Nelan, Kevin
Monsignor and Regional Vicar of South Manhattan.

  Norcross Ray & Maureen (nee Fogarty) SHS '67 Enjoying life in Wappingers Falls, NY
Jim and Jeanne Rabbitt
Rabbitt, Jim & Jeanne(Nee Strong) - SHS class of 1944, now enjoying life in Florida with 2 children and 6 grandchildren.
Michael Randolph and the gang Randolph, Michael AJ   SHS 73' Professional Instructor/WRDL-FM Advisor
  Reilly, Matthew   SHS '64  Deceased 9/30/1949 to 01/15/1985
Jerry "Butch" Ryan Ryan, Jerry "Butch" Grad SHS ' 62, Vietnam Era Veteran, married over 38 years, one daughter 
Mario Runco, Jr. Astronaut
Runco, Mario Jr.   SHS ' 66  Mario is an astronaut and has logged over 551 hours in space on three Space Shuttle mission. See biography:
Charlie Schultze
Schutze Charlie SHS '64 Bride's name Marsha, father of 4, retired Lawyer(NY-CT-WI) now sitting on Circuit Court Bench in Southwest Wisconsin
Col. Charles Shea, medal of honor recipient
Shea,"RED" Charles W.   (August 24, 1921 – April 7, 1994) SHS class of 1935, was a United States Army officer and a recipient of the United States military's highest decoration—the Medal of Honor—for his actions in World War II.
  Spillane, Sally SHS '71 She and John live in Sarasota, Florida. 
Mrs. Suarez, current principal of SHS


Mrs. Suarez current principal of SHS,
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  Thompson (now Davis), Brenda SHS class of '63 I live in Fishkill, NY and have 2 sons, Frank and Billy
  Tizzano Frank  SHS, WW II Veteran,  retired US Navy Career,
  Walsh Thomas J. Sept. 3, 1949 - Dec. 7, 2009 SHS class of '63 1) Navy in Vietnam war on the Ticonderoga 2) worked for Verizon for 33 years 3) ran NYC marathon twice 4) college grad at 50 yrs old. 5) survived a liver transplant in '01 but passed when it failed. Survived by his wife Xenia and children, Melinda ,Tommy and his father Thomas, his wife Carol and eight siblings.
  Zwicker, Maureen (nee O'Toole) SHS class of '48 Loving mother of 6, currently living in Phoenix Az <note there is an underline (_) before the "70">
SHS class of 1957 third grade

Brother Donald's class '64

(above) Left to right, top row: John Gentner, Robert Smyth, Joseph Accampora, Louis Blazquez, Michael Owens, Roland Carpenter, David Smyth, Sean Bray, Joseph Cioffi, and Angel Almo‑ dovar. Second row: Edward Flaherty, James Ferguson, James Gallagher, Thomas Kumer, John Shanahan, Thomas Knapp, Daniel McGuire, Kevin Frawley, John Paura. and Timothy Lindner. Third row: John Daly, William McCarthy, Richard Reich, Thomas Fleming, Vincent Pasciolla, Francis Lynam, James Keeley, Joseph Cerrato, Robert Browne, Robert Reidy, and Patrick Fogarty. Bottom row: Francis Cassidy, Raul Lebron, Denis Moloney, Frank Ferraro, Edward King, Joseph Geaney, Richard LaDue, Michael Perrino, Thomas Murphy, Festus Joyce, and Brother Donald. Absent from the picture is Eugene Nelan.

Crusader staff '64

SHS track team '64

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Brother Benedict's class

(above) Left to right, top row: Robert Brewer, Thomas Renucci, Thomas Quigley, Robert Pinto, Francis Clark, Robert Olsen. Thomas Sheridan, Leonardo Sinisi, Terence Sullivan, and Fred Ronda. Second row: Edward Tobin, Thomas Haas, Thomas Wojciechowicz, John Leddy, Matthew Reilly, John Scanlon. Stephen Murphy, Ralph Siebert, Mark Breslin, and Robert McLoughlin. Third row: Joseph Baco, John Maye, Michael McNamara, Ronald Gallucci, Martin Heslin, Charles Merritts, Joseph O'Connor, Thomas Swetz, Salvatore Fontana, and Thomas Howard. Bottom row: Daniel Cepeda, Thomas Tuohy, Michael Lang, John Empey, John Lord, Bruce Leichter, John D'Alessandro, Edward Gornianly, Daniel Hendrickson, Thomas O'Gorman, and Brother Benedict, who resides in Albuquerque, NM. Absent from the picture is Edward O'Reilly.

Brother Donald's class '63

(above) Left to right: front row, J. Frawley, J. Trudden, R. Belmonte, T. Walsh, V. Condon, N. Daley, M. Price, J. Burke, A. Falzone. S. O'Shea, and Brother Donald, second row, P. Sirr, R. Syno, M. Callahan, J. Ruis, G. Malone, P. Soreco, M. Zangrilli, P. Moro, P. McGuiness, and F. Menendez, third row, J. Quinn. W. Reilly, M. McTiernann, J. Latham, R. Fuchs, W. Meehan Kollar. 5. D;Antore..K. Wynne, and R. Jackson, top row, A. Sperduto, V. Reilly, L. Barisic

Brother Benedict '63
Left to right: front row, T. Malonen, Y. Montano, M. Maloney, T.    Fitzpatrick, W. Kucera,  P.  Famelio, D. O'Gorman, W. LaFayatte, G. Goulet, T. McGrath, and Brother Benedict, second row, F. Marrin, R. Wilson, G. Foley, A. Ludwig, S. Heaslip. J. O`Brien, J. Hamner, A Lichte, R. Johnston, R. Duschaneck, third row, J. Hyde, J.    Fox, T. Thompson, H. O'Donnell, R. Murphy, E. Hansen, R. Fay, P. McTiernan, J. O'Brien, and M. Cuevas, top row…

Brother Mark's class '64

Left to right, top row: William Barone, Luis Martinez, Dennis Davey, Eugene Ruta, John Syno, Richard Tucker, James Lavin, Walter Kelly, and Christopher Clark. Second row: Michael Balduino, Joseph Gorman, Thomas Broderick, Stephen Carroll, Stephen Murray, Charles Schutze, Brendan Leddy, Thomas Rousseau, James Whelan, Timothy Lutz, and John Hackett. Third row: Edward Hogan, Gerald Ellis, Clement Quirke, George Donnegan, James Flood, John Morris, Brian Callahan, Edward Bishop, Kevin O'Connor, Paul Healy, and Richard Almeida. Bottom row: Anthony Selvaggio, Edward Cronly, Stephen Reilly, William McMorrow, John Goggin, Kevin Spellman Michael Fay, James Dilloughery, Michael Fay, James Dilloughery, Michael Trotter, Lane Janokowski, Frank Benz

Brother Michael at Lincoln Hall

For those who went to Sacred Heart School, the Christian Brothers dominated their education. Brother Michael Dwyer was one of them, 1963.


Brother Michael in 2007.

Brother Michael Dwyer
(4/24/1937 - 1/27/2008)
Photo from February of 'o7


SHS class of 1930

Harold Gentner and Lou Blazquez

Harold (John) Gentner defeated Lou Blazquez
in a boxing match at Sports Night at Sacred Heart Gym circa 1962.

SHS seventh grade class of 1946

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