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PS 73 fifth grade class, 1960

Back row: Roger Pratt, Martin Silverman, William (Billy) Minnich, Rodney Ivey, Lee Jasma (?), Bruce Seiden, Olavi Hietakangas, Dennis Mitchell
2nd from back: Charles (Chuck) Taylon, Harriet Goldman, Judy Farber, Carole Kalb, Vera Kisfalvi, Susan Mariton (?), Charlotte Myers, Priscilla Beattie, Nancy Aalto, Roberta Goldenberg, Michael Benson, Jeffrey Heilweil
3rd from back: Carolyn Scheppner, Leslie Klein, Rayna Lehman, ?, Dorothy Forgrave, Christine Riddell, Randy ?, Ilene Phillips, Susan Skorski
Front row: George Kuttner, ?, Rodney Moore, Charles Yablon, Ethan Kettler, Jay Wilder
Our teacher was Mrs. E. Pyser, and the school principal was Dr. Sternberg.
-Submitted by Dorothy Forgrave

PS 73, seventh grade



Public School 11, Highbridge, Bronx, New York City on the national register of historic places.

PS 73 class of 1962 K1 -4
PS 73 class of 1961 1-1
PS 73 class of 1961 5-1


PS 73 class of 1962 6-1

PS 73 class of 1959 3-2

PS 73 class of 1961 1-1

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