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O'Gorman, Bobby no info

"Feckie" Gorman, Danny (Feckie) Living in Westminster Colorado since 1981 and retired after 34 years from Telephone Company; divorced, with one daughter danohone@yahoo.com
O'Gorman, Patrick no info
  O'Gorman, Tommy Dec. 28, 1950 - July 27, 2011
Linda Olsen Olsen, Linda Enjoying life in Bayside, NY. She is working, retired, and a grandmother! LWeiss3375@aol.com



O'Shea, John  Deceased 1987
O'Shea, Stephen Deceased
O'Shea, Thomas (Skippy) Deceased

  Owens, Tommy Formerly of the NBA Houston Rockets and Portland Trailblazers, no current info. For other info click here. and here.
  Pappas, Harry Lives in Walterboro, SC (?)
Pappas, Paul PS73 1953, Taft 1957; lived on Summit Ave near 165th St. He is currently living in Pennsylvania paul7177@comcast.net
Quigley, Barbara No info
Quigley, Tommy
No info
Quinn, Stephen deceased 09/02/1948 - 03/22/2010
  Reilly, Danny Living in Hawaii for over 35 years and recently retired from the federal government in Jan-2006 after 36 years of service.  KANEALA1@aol.com
Steve, way back when

Reilly, Steve (Rollo) No info

Walter Reilly Reilly, Walter Edmunds 8/11/1949 - 9/24/2001
  Renucci, Thomas An accountant at New York-Presbyterian, and lives in Bronx, NY
  Rice, Bobby No info
  Rybeck, Kevin (Nerve) No info
Rybeck, Raymond
No info
John Scanlan, "Scan the Man" Scanlan, John 1950 - 3/22/14 John was a good man, a good Christian, and a good friend. We'll miss you, John.
Segal, Jeffrey Bernard (Weasel) (Army CPL) Bronze Star (Merit) Purple Heart Born 08/09/1947. He was a casualty on May 21, 1968 representing Highbridge and serving our country in Viet Nam; Panel 65E - Line 1 at the memorial in DC.

Sheehan, Maryjane lives in Monroe, NY Maryjanesheehan @yahoo.com


Sirr, Danny Danny and Gale have been married for 38 years Dna4545@aol.com

Sirr, Gail Lives in Stoney Point NY Sug50@aol.com

  Smith, Jeff No info
Kevin, Christine, Mike, and Richie Spelman Christine Spelman
Michael Spelman age
Richard Spelman age
Kevin Spelman (with one "l")
Kevin Spelman
  Spellman, Kevin deceased
John Spillane Spillane, John SHS'63 Vietnam'69-70; joined Port Authority Police '72, and retired as a Sergeant from the World Trade Center Police Unit in '92. I'm now a commercial pilot.  3quartersman@comcast.net
Barbara Stapleton Stapleton, Barbara I am a licensed massage therapist with a private practice and work full time for a NYC law firm where I've worked for 30 years now. I am a grandmother of six, single, and living in Westchester. barb016@optonline.net
  Stern(Galloway-Bissett) Margie deceased Sept 4,1949-August 6, 2001
  Streit (nee Hoffer), Claire   P.S. 73, class of 1963.  Living in Washington Heights. Public School counselor,  semi retired,  full time grandmother of all boys. Married to Leo Streit  msclaire215@aol.com

Taylor, Frankie Hghbr51@aol.com
Taylor, Mary No info
Thompson, Brenda

  Thompson, Joann Living in Norwell, MA., married to Bob Thompson.
Tuoy, Peter Lives in Queens and is married with 3 children.
Turen, Harry Living in North Carolina
    Turley, MaryRose Married to Jim Turley. Living in New Hyde Park, Long Island, NY.