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Carl Albanese
Albanese, Carl Freelance video producer and photographer, happily married with 2 children, living in White Plains , NY. email: KristoffLukasProductions@yahoo.com
Please email, as an attachment, high quality photos Gene Alexander
Alexander, Gene retired from the post office, currently working as a driving instructor for Westchester High Schools. gk44@optonline.net
  Alvarez, Larry
Rob and Colleen Auerbach Auerbach, Rob SHS class of 1963; live in Colorado and enjoying life with lovely bride Colleen. colleenandrob@yahoo.com

Badami, Larry no info

Badami, Nick is married to Elaina for over thirty years, has four daughters and lives in NJ

Barisic, Lawrence He gave his life in service to our country, in Vietnam.
  Ed & Lorraine Beaty

Beaty, Eddie and Lorraine Currently living in Laurel Springs, NJ (south Jersey) been married for almost 37 yrs. with 3 adult daughters. thebeatys@comcast.net

Beaty, Joann see Joann Thompson
    Belmonte, Richy in California
Blazquez, Diane See Diane Maxwell
  Lou in 9/06
Blazquez, Lou I'm a retired teacher, now subbing and taking college classes (like animation for here). My email is theprimate@aol.com and check my website.
  Michael Blazquez
Blazquez, Michael March 9, 1960 - March 3, 1995
    Blazquez, Theresa see Theresa Walsh

Blocker, Carol No info
Blocker, Patty
No info
Blocker, Steve
alive and well
Boyce, Peter no info
Boyle, Eddie (Burb)
No info

Brewer, Anne Living in Queens, married to Billy Fitzpatrick.
Brewer, Diana Davis Happily married ince 1969 to my childhood sweetheart Moe. We have 3 grown children and are living in Cadwell, N.J. 

Brewer, Jimmy no info

Brewer, Joey no info

Brewer, Jude no info

Brewer, Moe Retired from Equitable Life Assurance after 43 years,enjoying life in Caldwell, NJ. I have three grown children. Pencils46@aol.com 

Brewer, Richard (Spanky) Lives in the New City, NY area.

Brewer, Robert J. September 4, 1949 to November 15, 1996 (deceased)

  Helen and Bob Burke Burke, Bob and Helen  Happily married, living in Maryland, and still playing electric guitar after all these years!  Burkbob@gmail.com
Brian Callahan

Callahan, Brian July 29, 1950 to June 25, 2009 (deceased)


Callahan, John lives in Bensalem, Pa. He is single and has two sons.
Callahan, Mark Lives in Wall Township, New Jersey mcalla9289@aol.com

Callahan (Roden), Monica deceased
Regina Callahan Callahan, Regina A. deceased 3/12/47 - 10/7/1997
  Callahan, Timothy A Philadelphia bachelor and Government worker.
    Capozzi, Bobby Deceased
    Capozzi, Dante (Red) April 26, 1950 - Jan. 18, 2007
    Capozzi, Joe No info
  Diane Carlson Carlson, Diane living in the Bronx dianecarlson56@aol.com
  Steve Carlson Carlson, Steve I am married with 2 children and have my own contracting business; living in Brewster, NY.  I attached a picture and my email address is. SCCarpentryLLC@aol.com
Carlson, Janet Steve's sister is married (last name Lee) and has 2 children and 3 grand children.
  Roland Carpenter Carpenter, Roland I am a Business Education Teacher in Lebanon, PA., married to a terrific wife named Monica for over 33 years, and have two wonderful sons. Winters, I'm still on the courts as a high school basketball official.  rmcarpenter1@comcast.net

Carpenter, Scott married to Betty Valenzano for over forty years, he lives in Teaneck, NJ; has a son Ryan, daughter Jennifer, and grandchildren Lilly and Miles.


Cassidy, Denise nee Turnier, 4/10/1951 -  9/19/2007 Loving wife of John A. Cassidy, together forever.
Cassidy, Frank
living in Maryland
Cassidy, John A. deceased. (born in 1951 and died in 2006, since there were two John Cassidy's)
Cassidy, John P. Doing fine and living in New York
Cassidy, Terry deceased


Claar, Denny No info

Doug Claar Claar, Doug deceased
  Clark, Diana Married to John Campbell. Living in No. Cape May, NJ
Boc Columbatti, Jimmy No info
  Pat in her youth Columbatti, Pat Living in Glendale, AZ


  Condon, Vinny lives in California and doing well
Corrigin, Steve Close to retirement, young and handsome, and married to Elizabeth, Steve lives in New Windsor, NY. He plans to retire to South Carolina. corrigan3@verizon.net
  Costello, Bobby Alive and well. Living in NYC
Creegan, Geraldine Living in New Jersey.

    Cremins, Bobby Georgia Tech's winningest coach is now at College of Charleston. For more info and
pictures click here
and here.

Cronin, Dennis No info

Terry Cronin
Cronin, Terry No info
  Cullen, Lori See below, Director of Client Relations for Chase Paymentech Solutions, two daughters. Kitty64357@aol.com
Cullen, Richie
Married to Lori (nee Devol) for over 36 years. Sales Manager for pharmaceutical wholesaler.  Living in NJ. RCullen52@aol.com
Cullen, Robert (Bobby) Living with his wife Susan in Charles Town, suburb of Boston, MA.
Cullen, Tommy Dec 1942- Dec 2002
    Daly, John Alive and well
Kathy Daly, rest in peace. Daly, Kathleen December 14, 1955 - December 3, 2012 (Click here for more info.)
  Paul and his grandson Daly, Paul Retired NYPD Lieutenant - 34 years. Owner of Private Investigation/Security firm
Daly, Tom deceased

Davies, Tommy Living in New City

Kathy Davy Davey, Kathy

Desterdick, Brian (Meatball) lives in Yonkers, has one son

Janice Desterdick Desterdick, Janice  5/16/52 - 5/4/15 Rest in Peace my old Highbridge friend! We will miss that smile!
Cathy Devine Devine, Cathy Single, lives in Tappan, N.Y. and has 2 children Devine1022 @aol.com
Jimmy Devine Devine, Jimmy (Wee Wee) 10/3/1953 - 7/17/1990
  Devol, Lori (See Lori Cullen)


  Drew, John 1950 (?) - 12/25/12 Class of SHS 1963
  Dubanovitch, Denis Alive and doing well.
  Duff, Jack jjd51446@aol.com
  Duff, Jane No info
    Elliot, Carl retired USMC and NYC Transit authority; married Virginia Carroll from 170 st Ogden Av. Still married 36 yrs. Living in Barnegat, NJ email grunt3333@verizon.net
Elliott, Dorothy One of NYC's   Female Transit Authority "MotorPersons", living in own home in "The Bronx" shanghaiu2@aol.com 
Elliot, Jimmy retired NYC Transit, married Phyllis Korba from 171st University Ave; still married 38 years living in Mahopac, NY.

Fay, Michael (Peach) No info


Fenton, Gay is married to Richie O'Connor, who is from the Bronx, and lives in Long Beach. She has a daughter, Caitlin. Her email is lbbeachmom1@aol.com.
Fenton, Joann No info
Fenton, Kathy No info


Dr. Fenton with an iguana Fenton, Kevin After being educated in Italy, he owns a veteterinary clinic in CA (www.laquintavet.com) and cares for everything from iguanas to cats and horses. He has two children. kcritdoc@aol.com
  Walter Finnigan and Paula

Finnigan Barbara No info

Finnigan, Wally Happily married for over 35 years to Paula. We have 2 adult children and 1 grandson, living on Staten Island since 1970. ciggygag@aol.com

  Fiore, Pat is an accountant and she lives in the Bronx & works in lower Manhattan
  Bernadette and husband Fitzpatrick, Bernadette Married and living in Macon, Georgia where she and her husband are in a ministry.
    Fitzpatrick, Billy Married to Ann Brewer and living in Queens, NY Fitz1951@yahoo.com
Patty in gear Fitzpatrick, Patty(Cubby) Among NYC's first female firefighter as shown in the film, "Taking the Heat" , CubbyFitz@aol.com
Peter Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick, Peter I now live in Orlando Florida and I am a Reiki Practitioner.Peter2629@aol.com
  Fitzpatrick, Theresa Married with two children and lives in Woodlawn section of the Bronx. TMCDERMO@courts.state.ny.us
  Fitzpatrick, Timmy Retired from the sanitation department and is living with his wife Bella, in the Bronx.  He has five grandchildren. Bella6947@aol.com
    Fleischmann, Ralph May, 1949 - July, 1981
Pat and Sue Fogarty, Pat Pat and his wife Susan are enjoying retirement in Central Arizona.
Pat is a magician with vegetation.
Fonda, Ellen Jean No info
Fonda, Diane (See Diane Gannon)
Fox, Johnny No info
Fox, Ricky No info
Fuchs, Douglas (formerly of 900 Odgen Ave.) 1/17/1947 - 7/1986
Fuchs, Richard No info
Galloway, James A. (formerly of 1065 University Ave) 10/2/1948 - 10/16/2001
  Gallucci, Ronald No info
  Gannon, Diane Lives in Sparkhill, NY dgannon@cezwho.com
  Gensch, Joan Hurley Enjoying life in Western North Carolina. JG920@citcom.net
Arelene (Gentner) Smith Gentner, Arlene Single, alive and well with two children and grandchildren, works as a paralegal in Boston. residing in Billerica, MA. pupliska@comcast.net.
John Gentner
Gentner, John John lives in Sacramento California and is an attorney specializing in commercial real estate. He has four children. bronxboy@onebox.com
Susanne Gleason Gleason, Susanne Living in Philadelphia, separated, has one son, Adam. email: lifeswaytooshort@excite.com
    Gustufson, Gary No info
Gustufson, Robbie No info